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Marketing Terms Matter

Marketing Terms Matter

Did you know that the laws and regulations the FDA enforces do not have definitions for “natural” or “organic”? But that's just the beginning. Terms like moisturizing, antibacterial, beautifying, hydrating, can be confusing and overwhelming, to help you understand if what you're buying is a true soap or a detergent we put together a very simple guide to marketing words.

Natural and Organic are not enough.
While we use food-grade organic oils to craft Soapply, we know even organic ingredients can be produced with potentially toxic elements or preserved with harmful chemicals that go undisclosed. As we strive to provide you with the cleanest, purest, safest, and most sustainable product, we decided to turn to MADE SAFE, the most comprehensive and trustworthy nontoxic certification available today.

Safe for you and our planet.
We tested it. MADE SAFE did a 360-degree laboratory screening and confirmed our ingredients are free from any chemicals or toxins with questionable health or safety concerns for you or the environment. Soapply’s ingredients will not bioaccumulate; persist in the water, sediment, or soil; contribute to air pollution; or cause harm to aquatic or terrestrial wildlife.

As a non-profit that is entirely independent, MADE SAFE is committed to you, safety, and transparency. While other certifications can be purchased and slapped on products solely for marketing or allow brands to self-police. MADE SAFE is backed by actual lab testing conducted by an independent group of scientists.

Soapply is 100% certified free from:

  • Behavioral toxins
  • Carcinogens
  • Developmental toxins
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Fire retardants
  • Heavy metals
  • Neurotoxins
  • High risk pesticides
  • Reproductive toxins
  • Toxic solvents


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