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We're empowering conscious consumers to make the world a better place with every wash.


It's in your hands.

We believe in the power of consumers to make big shifts. Every purchase is a manifesto, whether intentional or not. When you choose Soapply, you're supporting:


Safe for the most sensitive skin. You'll never find ingredients with questionable health or safety concerns in our soap. No parabens. No sulfates. No artificial colorants. No added fragrances.


20,000 plastic bottles are produced every second. Your soap shouldn't come in one of them. Soapply is bottled in recycled glass that can be refilled, reused, and ultimately recycled.




Handwashing with soap is still a global problem that claims millions of lives a year. Every time you wash with Soapply you help fund water, sanitation, and hygiene to solve the problem.

Coming clean.

Dirty secret: the soap industry isn't exactly clean. Big brands market scientific-sounding ingredients, pricey extracts, and expensive packaging as "luxury". Many of these same companies are capitalizing on words like "organic" and "natural" to connote safety and quality while still using synthetic ingredients and toxic fillers. We know you're smarter than that.


How we started.

Soapply started with an idea: what if we could empower people to save lives just by washing their hands? Mera McGrew first had the idea for Soapply while living and working in Africa after she was confronted with the reality of preventable child mortality and the global handwashing problem. McGrew moved back to start Soapply on a mission to sell great soap that could help fund water, sanitation, and hygiene and ultimately help save millions of lives around the world.

It was only after learning about the lack of label requirements, transparency, and safety regulations that Soapply's mission expanded to look at the entire supply chain (or in this case, Soapply chain). Today, we're proud to use purposeful ingredients that are expertly crafted to produce our soap. Our growing community is already making a measurable difference around the world with a donation tied to every ounce of soap sold.

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