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Soapply x

Karen Lee Sobol x Soapply

A limited edition artist series.


Celebrating the intersection of art, function, and impact through nature.

Using lines, forms, and color, Sobol’s thoughtful artwork speaks to the power, connection, and rhythm of both nature and human nature. Highlighting the world’s waters flowing, crashing, and falling, Sobol bridges a literal narrative with the abstract to tell a complex and essential story about the resources on which we depend.


Sobol calls Boston, MA home but shows her work around the globe and paints wherever she finds herself.

Karen Lee Sobol is an artist, architect, and global health advocate who draws on her formal training as an architect, passion for the environment, and personal life experiences to inform her every stroke.

The anatomy of sink-side art.

Karen Lee Sobol x Soapply is part of a limited edition bi-monthly artist subscription. Sobol is the fifth of 6 hand-picked artists being featured. A new artist and limited edition bottle will be announced every other month over a 12 month period.

As a patron, you will receive 6 unique artist bottles.


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