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Global Handwashing Day 2020

Global Handwashing Day 2020

First things first. What is Global Handwashing Day?

Celebrated around the world on October 15th every year, Global Handwashing Day is a global advocacy day dedicated to sharing the importance of handwashing with soap as a simple, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.


Clean hands for all!

Why the focus on handwashing? Here’s the deal. Most people don’t realize that 40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to handwashing—that’s 3.12 billion people that don’t have access to soap and a place to wash their hands. We started Soapply to change that.

Frankly, we can’t imagine not having soap or a sink to keep ourselves and those we love clean and healthy. Especially this year! In addition to the pandemic we’re all facing across the globe, handwashing is the first line of defense in preventing diseases such as common colds, flu, and respiratory and digestive diseases. 1.4 million children under the age of 5 still die every year because of diseases that could have been prevented by the simple act of handwashing.

The good news? We can solve this global problem, and you can help.


We’re speaking up for the 40%. Will you join us?

The first step to solving any problem is to recognize it exists. This Global Handwashing Day, October 15th, help us spread the word so we can tackle this solvable problem. Get involved in the way that works best for you! Together, we can create real change—one share, one purchase, one donation, one wash at a time!

Follow us @soapply to share our posts or download our toolkit for images and videos you can post to Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! Our Global Handwashing Day toolkit includes everything you need to spread the word and raise awareness. We’ve created a suite of images, graphics, videos, and sample social captions so you can confidently share, learn, and inspire others.

Ready to take action toward making handwashing accessible for all? Donate directly to two NGOs we love moving the needle in water, sanitation, and hygiene projects around the world:
charity: water

Stock up on Soapply. We started Soapply to help solve this global problem; every ounce of Soapply sold is tied to a direct donation that funds water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives around the world, making handwashing more accessible for all. You already need and use soap; by choosing Soapply, your purchase creates change one wash at a time.


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