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Handwash Upcycle: Pothos Plant Propagator

Handwash Upcycle: Pothos Plant Propagator

Turn your upcycled Soapply bottle into an interactive propagating vessel that allows you to watch new roots form. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be a PROpagator in no time!


What you need
Upcycled Soapply bottle
Pothos plant to propagate

How to make it
1. Wash your hands!
2. Fill your empty Soapply bottle halfway with room temperature water.
3. Cut a few healthy stems. Make sure you include a node or two with your cutting—these tiny bumps are where the new roots will come from and are key to propagating pothos!
4. Place your plant clippings in your Soapply bottle and put it in a spot that receives bright to moderate indirect sunlight.
5. Be patient! Check the root growth on a weekly basis. If the water is looking low, top off your Soapply bottle or change the water if it looks murky.

Pro tip: Once the roots are 1 inch or longer (this should take 4-6 weeks), you can transplant your cuttings from your upcycled Soapply bottle into a planter with potting soil.



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