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Handwash Upcycle: Simple + Useful
Reed Diffuser

Handwash Upcycle: Simple + Useful<br>Reed Diffuser

Turn your upcycled Soapply bottle into a simple and useful piece for your space. This DIY diffuser is a sustainable, chic alternative to artificial plug-in air fresheners that are full of chemicals. Create your own scent and infuse your space in a few simple steps!


What you need
Upcycled Soapply bottle
2 oz olive oil (or other carrier oil like jojoba, safflower, or almond oil)
1 tsp rubbing alcohol
1 tsp essential oil of choice (we used lavender)
5 bamboo diffuser reeds
Strand of raffia (optional)

How to make it
1. Wash your hands!
2. Make sure your upcycled Soapply bottle is clean and dry.
3. Directly in the bottle, combine your carrier oil, rubbing alcohol + essential oil (add more essential oil if needed to meet your preferred scent level).
4. Place one end of the reeds into the solution, allowing it to saturate the reeds. For a burst of scent, flip the reeds. Find a safe place that will be out of reach of children and pets and enjoy!

Pro tip: Experiment with different essential oil combinations until you find one or two you really like!


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