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Detergent 'Soaps' vs. True Soaps

Detergent 'Soaps' vs. True Soaps

Do you know the difference?

We know you’re a good handwasher, we’re proud of you, keep it up! If you're lathering up thoroughly and often and not using a true soap, we bet you've noticed your hands have gotten a little (or a lot) dry, irritated, and in need of lotion. ⁠Handwashing doesn’t need to leave your hands in a dire state but using the right soap is key. Most “soaps” on store shelves are actually detergents.

A little history for ya: detergents were originally invented to be used as commercial degreasers. They only entered the consumer market as cheap substitutes during wartime when the oils and fats used to make traditional soap were not available. (We even used to wash our clothes with true soap until the advent of the washing machine!)⁠

Here’s the thing: detergents are really good at removing oils. Like, really REALLY good. So good, in fact, that they strip off not only dirt and grime, but also strip the natural oils in your skin.⁠ And no one needs that, especially when we're washing our hands 15 - 20 times a day!⁠

True soaps (like Soapply): are made from natural fats. These oils cleanse, protect, and leave your skin clean without stripping it of its natural hydration.


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