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Your new reason to smile!

Clean Hands For All—a limited edition impact bottle.

It's in your hands.

This limited edition impact bottle features children’s artwork that explores themes of handwashing and community. The bottle’s design is a collaborative art project made by children in Tigray, the region of Ethiopia where our impact is currently focused. These kids are just a few of those who have been positively impacted by Soapply’s water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives executed by our local impact partner, The Relief Society of Tigray (REST).


Clean hands save lives.

50% of your Clean Hands For All limited edition impact bottle purchase goes directly to funding lifesaving water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives!

This is more than soap.

Just like Soapply is more than soap, the impact connected to the impact bottle purchase is more than a donation. New handwashing facilities and soap are part of the solution, but without purposeful, strategic next steps, they go to waste. Soapply is proud to partner with the REST, which makes lifesaving and cost-effective impact through infrastructure solutions in addition to educational programs that create real and lasting impact.


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