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Soapply x

Sara Zielinski x Soapply

A limited edition artist series.


Celebrating the intersection of art, function, and impact through human connection.

Conceptual and handmade, the artwork on the Sara Zielinski x Soapply bottle communicates the connectedness of all humanity while simultaneously paying tribute to the uniqueness of our forms and experiences. Omitting details and eschewing perfection, Zielinski speaks directly to our realities, needs, and imperfections as humans.

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Sara Zielinski is a multi-media artist based in the US who's had solo shows from Suzhou, China to Boston, Massachusetts.

Using a variety of media, she prods the motives and feelings that are often left unsaid but can weigh heavily on actions, relationships, and daily life. 

The anatomy of sink-side art.

Sara Zielsinki x Soapply is part of a limited edition bi-monthly artist subscription. Zielsinki is the fourth of 6 hand-picked artists being featured. A new artist and limited edition bottle will be announced every other month over a 12 month period.

As a patron, you will receive 6 unique artist bottles.

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