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Soapply x

Asher Jay x Soapply

A limited edition artist series.

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Celebrating the intersection of art, function, and impact through a message in a bottle.

The Asher Jay x Soapply “Message in a Bottle” contemplates the global plastics problem. The artwork incorporates the chemical formulas of crude oil and petrochemicals, while using a broken line of different lengths to recreate drips and spills. It simultaneously references a Morse Code SOS message that disappears as the soap is used.

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Asher Jay is National Geographic Explorer and storyteller.

Raised in London, Jay currently lives in New York but feels most at home in the great outdoors. Her travels inspire her to create unique multimedia works that empower people to consider their daily choices and their impact on our planet.

The anatomy of sink-side art.

Asher Jay x Soapply is part of a limited edition bi-monthly artist subscription. Jay is the third of 6 hand-picked artists being featured. A new artist and limited edition bottle will be announced every other month over a 12 month period.

As a patron, you will receive 6 unique artist bottles.

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