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Replacement Pumps (4-Pack)


Replacement Pumps (Pack of 4) - Soapply
Replacement Pumps (Pack of 4) - Soapply Replacement Pumps (Pack of 4) - Soapply Replacement Pumps (Pack of 4) - Soapply

Replace your pumps, not your bottle! The Replacement Pumps extend the life of every Sink-Side Soapply bottle in your home. Our Replacement Pumps come in packs of 4—shipping you more products at once means a lower carbon footprint and cost for you. 


  • 4 clear dome plastic replacement pumps
  • Fits our 8 oz. Liquid Hand Wash and Artist Series bottles
  • CARE +

    How to clean your pump: Remove pump and pump out remaining soap, fill a cup with warm water and pump until water flows freely (pro tip: add vinegar for clogs and use an old toothbrush to assist), pat pump dry, let air dry, and return to its home atop your Soapply Liquid Hand Wash!


    This item ships standard priority within 1-3 business days.

    Soapply replacement pumps

    Plastic? What's up with that?

    Our pumps are the only plastic you'll find in our packaging. We're working hard to find an alternative that will allow us to ditch plastic entirely but there isn't currently one. To help keep more bottles and pumps out of our waste system, we ask you to do your part. Washing your pump every time you refill your Sink-Side bottle helps extend its life and prevents grime, dirt, and buildup. When your pump has seen its last use, simply replace with a Replacement Pump to extend the life of your bottle!

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