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A better option for staying healthy.

According to the CDC, washing with soap and water is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick­—better than hand sanitizer. When you’re away from home, you often have to choose between harsh detergent soaps or less effective, drying sanitizer. Not anymore!

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Grab a bundle & stash them everywhere!

We want to make sure you always have the option to wash with high quality, non-toxic, non-drying soap­—even on the go. Our bundles make it easy to have Soapply on hand when you need it—in your suitcase, your bag, the car, anywhere!


Your bottle is meant to be refilled & reused.

Bottled in glass, not plastic, our packaging keeps toxic chemicals away from your skin and our oceans. Don't forget to use our Hand Wash Refill to keep your Soapply To Go full at all times.

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